La Flor De Puebla

Originally opened in 1993 as “La Flor de Tehuitzingo” in Passaic, New Jersey, our small chain of bakeries has grown and expanded beyond our family’s wildest dreams. As a young boy our founder, Mario Hernandez Alcala, spent his days shadowing his uncle at a bakery in his hometown. From there, his love for baking grew and he moved to Mexico City to learn more about the craft. After starting a family as a young man, he immigrated to the United States in hopes to open a bakery of his very own to create opportunities for his kids and himself. That is when “La Flor de Tehuitzingo” got its start. From many late nights at the bakery, to opening a second chain in Hyattsville, Maryland and changing the name officially to “La Flor de Puebla,” to then expanding right here in Manassas in 2000, Mario’s passion for baking never faltered.

Today, his daughter and son-in-law run La Flor de Puebla Bakery Café and continue to keep his love and passion for baking authentic, Mexican sweet bread alive. For the past 20 years, our commitment to our community has remained and our value for quality has never changed. We hope to continue to serve our customers for many more years and keep our traditions going for new generations to appreciate and enjoy. Our culture is evident in all that we do and we hope we can bring a little bit of Puebla, Mexico into your homes each and every day.